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Earn a $400 cash bonus{{d2008*}}

Get our most premium checking features & benefits along with a $400 cash bonus{{d2008*}} when you open a MyChoice Premium Checking account and complete qualifying activities.

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Earning your $400 cash bonus is easy{{d2008*}}

Open your checking account

Open a new M&T MyChoice Premium Checking account by 5/31/24 using the promo code TE.

Complete your qualifying activities

Set up qualifying direct deposits, totaling at least $1,000 within 90 days of account opening.

Receive your $400 cash bonus

Your cash bonus will be credited with 90 days of qualifying requirements being met.

Monthly Maintenance Charge



$0/month{{d1038*}} if you maintain an average daily balance of $7,500 or more per monthly service charge cycle OR keep total combined average daily balances of $25,000 or more in eligible accounts{{d1044*}}

Premium Banking, Premium Perks

Get more from a personalized relationship when you open a new MyChoice Premium Checking account.

Special Deposit Interest Rates

Save and earn more when you open a Select CD{{d1026*}} - available with an M&T MyChoice Premium Checking account.

No-fee ATM Access and

Receive an ATM fee rebate at non-M&T ATMs.{{d1029*}}

Discounted Loan Rates

Access money you want for any project or event with discounted personal loan rates.{{d1030*}}

Tools that make banking easy

Designed to make managing - and spending - your money more convenient.

Mange money with ease

Use online bill pay{{d1031*}}, Zelle® {{d1033*}}, and mobile check deposit{{d1032*}}, to manage your money on the go.

Get cash when you need it.

Visit one of 900+ branches and 2,000 ATMs to access your money.

Customize your debit card

Add personality to your purchases with custom card designs at no additional fee.{{d1034*}}

Use contactless checkout

Tap to pay is here. Add your card to your digital wallet and pay on the go.

Security is peace of mind.

We help keep your money safe and provide coverage in case something happens.

Stay up to date with M&T Alerts

Monitor your account with real-time updates such as low balance alerts and suspicious activity notifications.{{d1036*}}

Rest assured with M&T Assurance®

Get peace of mind when making purchases with your M&T Debit Card. M&T Assurance® gives you advanced fraud prevention, detection and resolution when you use your M&T Debit Card.

Every checking account has something different to offer.

View the benefits and features side by side to easily choose the checking account that works best for you.

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Banking built with you in mind.

We know that financial security is peace of mind. All M&T Checking products offer real-time alerts{{d1036*}} and coverage in the event of fraudulent activity. Our 165 year-old foundation of reliability aims to inspire confidence in your financial future.